Saturday, January 18, 2014

Listening to my soul

I watched a movie tonight that touched me in many ways. Here are some words which spoke to my soul and made me listen...

'If where you are in life doesn't feel right in your heart and if what's in your heart doesn't feel right in your life, you have to make yourself heard after you hear yourself. That wasn't taught to me,the women in my life never spoke the things that were in their heart. Maybe they never spoke it bc they were scared of where their lives would be if they were alone...sometimes we focus too much on how we'll be seen and judged and if we don't have people in our lives who won't harm us bc of the hate they have in themselves then life is pretty miserable and who wants to lead a miserable life. So I told myself before you write another word find out who you are so this sort of thing never happens again. I think that if you are to be very true to yourself and listen...really listen to the things you never say you won't have to be in this room or in a prison cell or in the jail of your own fears writing when the truth is waiting on you to just speak it...but you have to just listen. You have to be quiet and listen not to the garbage that everybody puts in your soul the things you fight everyday just to make yourself feel worthy of walking this earth...You have to listen to your spirit.. listen to your soul.' ( From the movie Things Never Said) 

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