Saturday, January 18, 2014

Listening to my soul

I watched a movie tonight that touched me in many ways. Here are some words which spoke to my soul and made me listen...

'If where you are in life doesn't feel right in your heart and if what's in your heart doesn't feel right in your life, you have to make yourself heard after you hear yourself. That wasn't taught to me,the women in my life never spoke the things that were in their heart. Maybe they never spoke it bc they were scared of where their lives would be if they were alone...sometimes we focus too much on how we'll be seen and judged and if we don't have people in our lives who won't harm us bc of the hate they have in themselves then life is pretty miserable and who wants to lead a miserable life. So I told myself before you write another word find out who you are so this sort of thing never happens again. I think that if you are to be very true to yourself and listen...really listen to the things you never say you won't have to be in this room or in a prison cell or in the jail of your own fears writing when the truth is waiting on you to just speak it...but you have to just listen. You have to be quiet and listen not to the garbage that everybody puts in your soul the things you fight everyday just to make yourself feel worthy of walking this earth...You have to listen to your spirit.. listen to your soul.' ( From the movie Things Never Said) 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


There are times that I feel so empty that I can hear an echo inside my heart and soul. There are times that I feel so full that I can't help but to share what I was not able to consume. There are times that I feel full and empty at the same time to the point that I just feel....empty. During those times I desire for the thing or things that will fill me to capacity that there is no room for emptiness but instead happiness, gratefullness, love and completeness. I long for that touch that hug that reassurance that everything will be ok. I long for it more than the feeling of emptiness that I may be feeling at that time, I long for it so much that the longing out weighs the emptiness and then I smile at the fulfillment of feeling....full. 




Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A letter to a young me

You were born into a love that did not last. Three years later 'he' comes along, 'he' seems nice because 'he' always gave you money, then what seemed nice and shiny became dark and wicked. You watched abuse until it became the norm in your eyes. You watched domination until it was instilled in your bones. You heard belittling until you believed with all of your heart that it was love. You were told you were black and ugly so much that you really believed you were not part of the family because you were dark skinned and everyone else was lightskinned. You were ashamed of your body because it developed quickly so you covered it as you grew into a young woman. You held your head down because it was too heavy to hold up due to the shame, low self esteem and sadness that surrounded your brain. 

Then one day you heard Him say that you were beautiful. You heard Him say that you were priceless and unique. You heard Him say that He was love and He even showed you by cradling you in His arms. You heard Him say that you were  fearfully and wonderfully made. You heard Him say these words...'I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for a hope and a future.' You heard Him say, ' little one you are My Favorite...I will never leave you nor foresake you.' At that moment you became beautiful, loved, adored, cared for, confident and became a WOMAN! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

God Will Cause Your Gift to Promote You!

God Will Cause Your Gift to Promote You!  by Pastor Joseph Prince

Proverbs 17:8
A present is a precious stone in the eyes of its possessor; wherever he turns, he prospers.
When we see something moldy, we throw it away. But when Alexander Fleming saw his culture dishes contaminated with mold, he discovered penicillin. You see, he had a gift which prospered him.

Joseph, a Hebrew slave in Egypt, had nothing except his gift of interpreting dreams. But look at what that gift did for him. It prospered him. He interpreted Pharaoh’s dream and became the most powerful man in Egypt after Pharaoh. (Genesis 41)

“But Pastor Prince, what if I don’t have any gift?”

My friend, don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t have any gift. God has given each person a gift which can open doors of opportunities and bring in great blessings.

Maybe you are just not aware of that gift you have inside you, or perhaps it has profited you nothing thus far as you have not found out how best to use it. You need to take your gift and ask God for wisdom to cultivate it until it becomes such a powerful tool or “precious stone” that wherever you turn, you prosper.

This was the case with a church brother who was tremendously gifted in the creative arts. For a long time, he lacked the confidence and boldness to leave the security of his police job and step out on his own. But when he began to seek God’s wisdom for his situation, God gave him boldness to leave his job and go back to school to pursue the creative arts. In school, he prospered, becoming one of its top students and impressing the principal so much with his creative gift that he was offered a teaching position in the school even before he graduated.

Now, please don’t go and quit your job after reading this. What you should do is ask God for wisdom regarding your gift. For when the wisdom of God is added to your gift, that gift becomes “a precious stone in the eyes of its possessor; wherever he turns, he prospers”.Pastor Joseph Prince t

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Love ALWAYS finds love

You cannot rush love...
It is fabulous when it comes natural...
You can never force anyone or anything to love you....
If it is meant to be the love will naturally flow to and through you....
Be patient...
Continue to love others...
Keep your heart open to receive everything that you're entitled to...
Love ALWAYS finds love ❤

Saturday, June 29, 2013

God hears

Lately there has been something really troubling my heart and normally when I blog I share everything...not this time. I will not go into details but I will say that people and situations make me a stronger, more confident and whole woman who will not settle for less. People who are nurturers at heart and have so much love to give tend to get off track from their own selves while encouraging others. We are selfless beings who want to make everything better that seems to be a mess, we even forget that we are NOT GOD!! We get so involved in other's feelings and well being that we allow them to drain life and happiness from us until we are feeling alone and empty. I felt myself getting there so I got with my Daddy and He reminded me to REST and WAIT on Him!! I really had to repent because I truly forgot my place!! No more!! Now that I recognize my own self inflicted error, I will continue to walk in love toward others who may not be on the same page that I am on and take care of me in the process...without apology. Life is too short to not be happy and you cannot expect someone else to fill any void you have. You have to uplift yourself, make yourself happy by doing things that appeal to you and love who you are knowing that in the end the love and compassion you have for others will be appreciated by others who understand true love and compassion. Stand tall woman or man of God and know your worth!! Fall in love with yourself and do not depend on others, expect others to do what you think they should do to appease you and stop trying to change people for self gratification! God hears God sees and God knows!! If you let Him He will deliver!! 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Voice for the Voiceless

God is so good and despite any adversity that tries to come your way always know that trouble does not last always!! It may feel that way while you are enduring but there is always light at the end of the tunnel as long as you don't faint!! Continue to stay the course and know that our best days are ahead of you!!